Schlagwort-Archive: Mosambik

Film über Mosambik „Grande Hotel“

MZ/BE 2010, 70 mins, D: Lotte Stoops, in Portuguese with English subtitles

Architekturzentrum Wien
Friday 21 August 2015, 8pm
Admission free!

The folly of colonialism manifests itself in the Grande Hotel located in Beira, Mozambique. Once the largest hotel in Africa it is now abandoned and dilapidated. “Sir Arthur Brandao was mad”, exclaims one of the film’s interviewees, talking about the architect behind the mammoth-sized complex who divided the hotel into 120 rooms, ensuring its inability to ever turn a profit. Now, after the anti-colonial war and chaos, it has been occupied by 2,500 impoverished Mozambicans living in a huge hollow concrete ruin without water or electricity. They have taken possession of the building and manipulated not only the stones but also the dreams. A journey through the present and past of a city in a city; a story about colonial megalomania, revolutionary vanity and feeling at home.